TROY – STU Undergraduate Programs


Students must pay the following tuition and fees:

No. Kind of tuition and fees Unit Amount (VNĐ) Notes
1 Registration fee Application 300.000
2 Troy’s Application fee (non-refundable) Application 2.000.000
3 Pre-University English Program tuition (01 level) Level 12.000.000
4 Undergraduate Program Tuition Semester 39.600.000 15 credits/semester (students must register 12 credits at least/semester)
5 Tuition fee for the whole BSBA Program The whole program 319.440.000(*) The total credits of BSBA program are 121
6 Tuition fee for the whole BSCS Program The whole program 316.800.000(*) The total credits of BSCS program are 120

(*) Tution fee for the whole program is subject to change if students must repeat a course or fail to submit IELTS Score in a timely manner.

Please contact us for further information:

International Training Programs Center – Saigon Technology University

Student Services Desk – Room A206

Tel: 08.38505520

  • Ms. Bùi Thanh Trúc (Ext: 203)

Email :

  • Mr. Nguyễn Duy Sơn (Ext: 349)

Email :

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